Where’s the Stopcock? Surestop – A Quick and Easy Alternative

water-switchCan’t find your stoptap? Tap seized up? Surestop offers a quick and easy way to turn off your stop tap when a leak occurs.

According to a survey of 2,000 households carried out by Allianz Insurance, 16% have damaged their homes or their property while attempting to make improvements and according to research from Halifax Home Insurance Britons fork out over £1.8 billion per year to repair the damage caused by leaking water in their homes.

Leaking washing machineThese leaks can occur from washing machines, dishwashers, burst water tanks, pipes, showers and baths causing damage to some 3.3 million homes per year. One of the biggest risks when carrying out DIY is the risk of hammering a nail through a pipe.

Failure to locate the stopcock and turn off the water supply can lead to extensive water damage to your home. However it is estimated that a third of householders don’t know where their stopcock is located.

This isn’t surprising really as they are tucked away in the most inaccessible places, behind kitchen cupboards, hidden under floorboards. And if you do manage to find your stopcock, they can be very difficult to operate, particularly for the elderly. They are also known for seizing up which will make them exceptionally difficult to turn, which in an emergency is not very helpful.

Surestop Water SwitchHowever there is now a way to make turning off your water supply both easy to find, easy to reach and easy to operate….the Surestop Water Switch. In the event of an emergency you can easily shut down your water supply and limit any water damage. When you leave your home you can switch off your Surestop to protect your home from the damage that bust pipes can cause.

G.K Plumbing Services are an approved Surestop installer. Contact us for more information or for a free, no-obligation quote.

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  1. M Mcintosh says:

    Requie cost sure stop

    • admin says:

      Please feel free to contact us to arrange a free no obligation quote on 07726 969955. This way we can give you an exact price for the job.


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